Andres lao vs. ca essay

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Andres lao vs. ca essay

The instant case is the fourth case that reached this Court involving the same parties and property. The antecedent facts are as follows: Sometime inspouses Marcos and Codidi Mata, members of a non-christian cultural minority in Davao and predecessors-in-interest of petitioners, were granted a homestead patent over a parcel of land situated in Tagum, Davao del Norte containing an area of 4.

Original Certificate of Title No.

Andres lao vs. ca essay

Laureta the predecessor-in-interest of private respondents. Caramwho caused the cancellation of OCT No.

Mata vs CA : : November 18, : J. Kapunan : First Division

In lieu thereof, Transfer Certificate of Title No. Laureta to secure the approval of the Secretary of Agriculture and Natural Resources on the deed, Exhibit A, after Marcos Mata shall have acknowledge the same before a notary public; 5.

T in the name of Fermin Caram, Jr. Laureta, Filipino, resident of Quezon City, upon presentation of the deed executed by Marcos Mata in his favor, Exhibit A, duly acknowledge by him and approved Andres lao vs.

ca essay the Secretary of Agriculture and Natural Resources; and 8. Two 2 separate petitions for review were then filed by the Matas and Caram with this Court.

The petition filed by the spouses Mata, docketed as G. L, was dismissed by the Court for lack of merit on 20 June Said decision became final and executory on 26 July Upon the other hand, the petition filed by Caram, docketed as G. L, was dismissed by the Court on 24 February Said decision became final and executory on 12 February By then, Mata was already dead while his heirs petitioners refused to acknowledge the deed of sale in accordance with the said decision.

Thereafter, on 21 Februarythe deed of absolute sale in favor of Laureta was duly approved by the Minister of Natural Resources.

T covering the subject lot was issued in the name of Laureta. The case was then elevated to the Supreme Court which reversed and set aside the decision of the CA. Speaking through Justice Regalado, the Court, in its decision in G.

Upon the belief that they could still exercise their right to repurchase the subject lot under the Public Land Act, on 22 Novemberpetitioners filed with the RTC, Branch 1 of Tagum, Davao City, an action against private respondents for legal redemption, reconveyance and consignation, docketed as Civil Case No.

Maintaining that Civil Case No. On 11 Marchthis Court referred the same to the CA for resolution. Petitioners filed a motion for reconsideration but it was denied by the CA in its resolution, dated 12 November Aggrieved, the petitioners filed the instant Petition for review alleging in the main that respondent CA erred in holding that petitioners right to repurchase the subject property under Section of the Public Land Act had already prescribed.

After the parties have submitted their respective pleadings, this Court issued a resolution, dated 5 Septemberdenying the petition for review for failure of the petitioners to sufficiently show that respondent court committed any reversible error in rendering the assailed decision.

Upon petitioners motion for reconsideration, dated 27 Septemberhowever, this Court, in its resolution, dated 24 Octoberreinstated the instant petition, gave due course to the same and directed the parties to file their respective memoranda.

In their petition, the fundamental issue raised by petitioners is whether or not they could still exercise their right to repurchase the subject lot under the Public Land Act.General characteristics of group IA and IIA- diagonal relationship-Extraction, properties and uses of Li, Na, K, Be, Mg, and Ca.

Preparation, properties and uses of NaOH, Na2 CO3, KOH, KBr, KI, Mg CO3, MgSO4, Mg Cl2 & Magnesium ammonium phosphate. AFAM Intro to African American Studies This course provides an overview of African American history and culture.

Topics include major events, persons, and issues spanning the period from the African heritage to contemporary times. author encountered the citation by adverse of Lao v. Villones-Lao,' in support of the proposition that ex parte affidavits be admitted and appreciated. Apr 29,  · Essay: Similarities and Differences between Buddhism and Taoism This example looked at the question: What are the most fundamental similarities and differences between Buddhism and Taoism?

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Taoism is based on the writings and ideas of Lao-Tse ( BCE), who was said to be a contemporary of Confucius. Some . Essays essay Marketing djvu Andres Lao vs. Ca fb2 Bridging the Gap-a Research in Music Education doc download Mis (Managerial Appl of Info Tech Keller) Entire Course html free Global Data Center Server Market Share, Key Trends, Strategies, Technology, Analysis & Forecasts doc.

LINA LIM LAO, petitioner, vs. the presumption of knowledge on the part of the drawer that he issued the same without funds -- does not support the CA Decision. As observed earlier, there is here only a prima facie presumption which does not preclude the presentation of contrary evidence.

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