Effects of world war ii on the lives of the civilian population essay

See other articles in PMC that cite the published article. Abstract We investigate long-run effects of World War II on socio-economic status and health of older individuals in Europe.

Effects of world war ii on the lives of the civilian population essay

According to the Geneva Conventions ofcommon article 2 states that "all cases of declared war or of any armed conflict that may arise between two or more high contracting parties, even if the state of war is not recognized, the convention shall also apply to all cases of partial or total occupation of the territory of a high contracting party even if the said occupation meets with no armed resistance".

Military Keynesianism The economy may suffer devastating impacts during and after a time of war. According to Shank, "negative unintended consequences occur either concurrently with the war or develop as residual effects afterwards thereby impeding the economy over the longer term".

When people become misplaced, they cannot continue to work or keep their businesses open, causing damages to the economy of countries involved.

According to the World Bank the event that conflicts subside in the country, and in the event that there is a transition to democracy the following will result in an increase economic growth by encouraging investment of the country and its people, schooling, economic restructuring, public-good provision, and reducing social unrest.

This amounts to 6 percent of GDP and one-fourth of government's annual revenues". This has occurred throughout all of the conflict periods, other than in the Afghanistan and Iraq war period. Another benefit commonly mentioned is that WWII established the appropriate conditions for future growth and ended the great depression.

For example, Russia's involvement in World War I took such a toll on the Russian economy that it almost collapsed and greatly contributed to the start of the Russian Revolution of Infrastructure Destruction of infrastructure can create a catastrophic collapse in the social interrelated structure, infrastructure services, education and health care system.

Labor force[ edit ] The labor force of the economy also changes with the effects of war.

Effects of world war ii on the lives of the civilian population essay

The labor force is affected in a multitude of ways most often due to the drastic loss of life, change in population, the labor force size shrinking due to the movement of refugees and displacement and the destruction of infrastructure which in turn allows for a deterioration of productivity.

This causes an economic shift in certain countries because after the war these women usually want to keep their jobs. The shortage of labor force during the — Iran—Iraq War enabled women to enter fields of employment that had previously been closed to them and absorbed them into a large number of much-needed jobs.

The war increased the number of women seeking work or resisting exclusion. Many women even occupied important positions for the first time".

As a set of rules and principles it aims, for humanitarian reasons, to limit the effects of armed conflict". Most wars have resulted in a significant loss of life. They are also basic human rights-the rights of each person on the planet to health, education, shelter, and security".

A collection of depictions of the brutalities of the Napoleonic-Peninsular War. During Napoleon 's retreat from Moscowmore French soldiers died of typhus than were killed by the Russians. Displacement[ edit ] Displacement or forced migration results most often during a time of war and can adversely affect both the community and an individual.

When a war breaks out, many people flee their homes in fear of losing their lives and their families, and as a result, they become misplaced either internally or externally. The following may have a severe economic impact on a country. In53 percent of refugees worldwide originated from Somalia, Afghanistan, and Syria.

In times of violence, people are displaced from their homes and seek places where they are welcome, periodically meeting places they are not welcome. In response to an influx of refugees and asylum seekers from countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, and Sri Lanka, Australia initiated a controversial plan in titled the Pacific Solution which called for all asylum seekers arriving by boat to be sent to the small and barren island Nauru.

The Impact of Total War

In a post-displacement setting, male headed households had more earned income than female headed households.

Informal work for females is more difficult in a post-displacement setting where they do not have access to the same tools as they did pre-displacement. The Palestinian people have suffered from displacement as a result of armed conflict and the military occupation.

The largest displacement caused due to war occurred inafter the United Nations agreed to have Palestine divided into two states. It later became the Israeli decision that Palestinian refugees no longer were permitted to return to their lands unless it was to reunify a family.

This prevents the opening of schools and increases teachers absenteeism. In the case of Iraq, boys were pulled out of school to work for their families, and therefore the education gap for men and women shrank.

Wartime sexual violence Conflict negatively impacts women and men, which often results in gender-specific difficulties that are not recognized or addressed by mainstream communities across the globe Baden and Goetz, War impacts women differently as they are more likely to die from indirect causes as opposed to direct causes.

It stated that peace is directly linked to equality between men and women and to development post conflict Beijing Platform for Action.


Plumper found that most women live longer when they are in peacetime, when compared to a state that is in armed conflict the gender gap of life expectancy drastically decreases in the male to female ratio.

Women suffer more harshly from the damage to the health as well as overall well being, other infrastructure damages, and the wider economic damage as well as from dislocation during and post-conflict.Essay about World War Ii Effects World War II started in and ended in It involved the countries of Japan, Germany, and Italy.

 The Global Effect of World War 1 European Civilization: the Native Americans are perhaps the most overlooked sector of the population of the colonies.

This war completely varied their knowledge. - The Effect of World War One on Civilian Life World War one began in when Great Britain declared war on Germany, this war was different to all previous wars for several reasons; it was the first war, which involved so many nations, and also where people at home were affected very greatly indeed.

Effects of world war ii on the lives of the civilian population essay

Anti-war movements have existed for every major war in the 20th century, including, most prominently, World War I, World War II, and the Vietnam War. In the 21st century, worldwide anti-war movements occurred in response to the United States invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq.

One of the first studies that looked into the psychological effects of the conflict on the civilian population was an epidemiological survey, which reported that only 6% of the study population had not experienced any war stresses. Psychosocial sequelae were seen in 64% of the population, including somatization (41%), PTSD (27%), anxiety .

The creation and use of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II, was a necessary measure to end the war because the lives of Allied nations citizens needed to be protected. Many things about the events leading up to the atomic bombings need to be understood before main points and reasons can be explained.

Essay on History: World War Ii and War surrendered on may 7, and the war in europe during the wwII war was officially over. Desert Fox – nickname given to general erwin rommel (german); fought in wwII.

Mental health consequences of war: a brief review of research findings