Facts about neptune for kids write about

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Facts about neptune for kids write about

It is also the fifth planet from the sun. The planet Jupiter is classified as a Gas Giant together with other similar planets including Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn.

These four planets are combined to call Jovian planets.

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The planet was discovered in the prehistoric times but the discoverer is yet to be known. Jupiter is predominantly composed of hydrogen with some portion of helium.

It does not have a real solid surface. Robotic spacecraft has explored the Jupiter on number of occasions. It is believed to be the fastest spinning planet in our solar system in that the planet only takes 10 hours to complete a full rotation on its axis.

Jupiter Facts For Kids The gigantic Jupiter is believed to give out more energy than it receives from the sun.

Neptune Facts For Kids | Top 30 Most Amazing Facts

You might be wondering as to where the extra energy comes from! Actually, Jupiter is capable of generating its own heat that produces from within the planet as a result of gravitational force, which is why you can classify Jupiter as a star. According to scientists, the earthlings should be thankful to Jupiter for its strong gravity seizes several incoming asteroids and comets that would otherwise have crashed into earth.

We can say that there would possibly be no life on earth without the planet Jupiter. One of the most fascinating features of Jupiter is its Great Red Spot which seem to exist for almost years.

This spot is deemed to be shrinking. The planet has the strongest magnetic field among all planets which is why compasses believe to work on Jupiter. Jupiter has total 63 moons; all of them are less than 10 km in diameter.

The spacecraft from earth has visited Jupiter 7 times. After Venus and Moon, Jupiter is by far the brightest planet in the solar system.

facts about neptune for kids write about

The Jupiter can hold more than 1, earths in it. The Voyager I observed at least eight active volcanoes on I0 and plumes spreading up to km above the surface.


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Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Neptune Facts Neptune is the eighth planet from the Sun making it the most distant in the solar system. This gas giant planet may have formed much closer to the Sun in early solar system history before migrating to its present position.

Neptune Facts for Kids. Neptune is a large planet that experiences extreme atmospheric weather conditions. After the demotion of Pluto, it now holds the distinction of being further away from the sun than any other planet in our solar system.

Neptune is a large planet, nearly four times the size of Earth.

Neptune Facts for Kids | Fun Facts about Planet Neptune