Global competency

However, meaningful long-term alleviation to hunger is rooted in the alleviation of poverty, as poverty leads to hunger.

Global competency

His career has focused on understanding how terrorist groups and other violent non-state actors VNSAs are changing the world, and helping governments and private clients fashion creative solutions to save lives and safeguard their interests. Previous positions he has held include senior advisor to the director of the U.

Global competency

Daveed has testified on his areas of core competency before the U. Senate and House of Representatives over a dozen times, as well as before the Canadian House of Commons. He has also served as an expert witness on terrorism and sub-state violence in numerous federal legal cases, including criminal, civil, and asylum cases.

He is frequently a featured speaker at events throughout the globe, including delivering keynote speeches at the U. Known for his rigorous scholarship, Daveed is the author or volume editor of twenty-three books and monographs. His e-mail address is daveed valensglobal. She supports the research team with projects concerning a range of issues related to violent non-state actors and their diverse theaters of operation.

Madeleine graduated cum laude from Georgetown University with dual degrees in government and psychology. She completed an honors thesis, to be published by the Journal of Peace Psychology inwhich examined correlations between personality traits and attraction to specific types of extremist propaganda.

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She worked for two years as a research assistant at Georgetown, focusing extensively on radicalization and issues related to countering violent extremism. Most recently she coauthored an article published in Terrorism Monitor with Nate Barr.

At Valens, Nina supports internal and external growth by overseeing day-to-day operations, talent acquisition, and client relationship management. Before joining Valens, Nina developed response, recovery, and business continuity exercises for private and public sector clients as an emergency management consultant at the Cadmus Group.

Prior to that, she was a Brent Scowcroft fellow at the Aspen Strategy Group, focusing on client-management and logistics for their yearly Security Conference. Nina has a Masters degree from Georgetown University in Security Studies, where she completed a thesis which examined the correlation between Dengue Fever outbreaks and political campaign outcomes in Brazil.

She is fluent in Portuguese and skilled in Spanish. Should Americans Fear a Cyber Doomsday? She has also performed work for the National War College and the Middle East Institute, supporting research efforts related to foreign policy in the Middle East and the role of the military in statecraft.

She graduated summa cum laude from the College of Charleston with degrees in political science and international studies. At Valens, Rachel specializes in jihadist organizations within MENA, particularly studying the interactions between jihadist organizations.

In addition, Rachel has language skills in Arabic and Hebrew. She was awarded the Harold P. Kurzman Prize in Political Science, awarded to the senior who has performed the best and most creatively in political science coursework.

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Her undergraduate thesis explored fragmentation within trans-border nationalist movements, utilizing the Kurdish movement as a case study. Rachel worked as a research assistant at Haverford for three years, focusing on terrorism and non-state actors in the Middle East, as well as the recruitment of foreign fighters.

He is also interested in the challenges posed by domestic extremism across the ideological spectrum. Matt has language skills in both Modern Standard and Levantine Arabic.

He has conducted research for Dr. Matt has also interned with the U.

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As an undergrad, she majored in Homeland and National Security Studies with a concentration in terrorism and intelligence.

She currently focuses on U. House of Representatives, and currently works in market and competitive intelligence for a government contracting firm.

Zenn is the author of more than reports and articles on Nigeria, Central Asia and Southeast Asia and has spoken and published widely in the academic and popular press. He has provided expert testimony to the U.

Congress two times on Boko Haram and one time on Central Asian militancy.1 WHO GLOBAL COMPETENCY MODEL 1. Core Competencies 1) COMMUNICATING IN A CREDIBLE AND EFFECTIVE WAY Definition: Expresses oneself clearly in conversations and interactions with others; listens actively.

The Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research (CCGHR) is a not-for-profit organization promoting better and more equitable health worldwide.

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What is global competence? Global competence is the capacity to examine local, global and intercultural issues, to understand and appreciate the perspectives and world views of others, to engage in open, appropriate and effective interactions with people from different cultures, and to act for collective well-being and sustainable development.

what is global competency? “A global-ready graduate [is] a person with a grasp of global systems, global issues, the dynamics of how things are interrelated and .

Global Competency As Indiana expands globally, the local workforce is becoming more culturally diverse. We strive to increase knowledge, understanding, and practical skills to those who work and live in diverse communities, because we believe effective cross cultural relationships are essential to .

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