How to write a letter of resignation for retirement

Naid Resignation and Retirement All official letters follow a formal format. Similarly, a resignation with retirement letter must also be created through a formal pattern since it is an official document. There are templates available to help you write this specific letter. Online samples are also available which can provide a general idea.

How to write a letter of resignation for retirement

how to write a letter of resignation for retirement

You'll be remembered for the beginning of your employment and the end, says Fairbanks. All resignation letters need to be addressed to the correct person, who may be your manager or the HR department.

They should include the name of the position you are resigning from and the date that you will leave. Reflect on the good times at the organisation and how you have benefited personally and professionally.

The resignation letter is not the place to comment on the less happy memories. After a few months or years you may regret what you said in the heat of the moment.

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But resignation letters remain on record. Never burn your bridges, says Fairbanks. You may want a reference from former managers or colleagues in the future and you want to be remembered for acting professionally.

Your resignation letter might be read by senior managers and HR staff who will inevitably end up elsewhere in the industry eventually.


You never know when a former colleague might be a useful ally in your career. Use a standard template. The best way to include all of the necessary information in a resignation letter is to use a standard template such as this one from SEEK.

Standard letters include all of the formal elements that you need to include in a professional resignation letter. Finally, good luck in your new role. Leaving on a happy note will allow you to focus on making a success of your new position.You can use this simple retirement resignation letter example for free after amending it as suitable.

You can use it for many job titles including Manager, Supervisor or any kind of assistant jobs. The letter can be sent via email or post. Retirement Resignation Letter .

Examples on How to Write Retirement Resignation Letter Retiring from your job is a huge decision to make. Retiring means you are of the right age to stop working.

Retirement is a new beginning; a new phase and threshold of your life where you can catch up on all that you missed. It's time to say goodbye to the work which you loved for years, and penning down all those emotions in a letter is not an easy task.

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This positive resignation letter can be used for older employees who are retiring from the company. Free to download and print. Retirement Resignation Letter. This positive resignation letter can be used for older employees who are retiring from the company.

please don't hesitate to contact me after my retirement if you have any questions. Tips for Writing a Retirement Letter to Your Employer You’ve told your boss you plan to retire, so this letter should be your formal notice.

You can write the letter as business correspondence or an email, but either way it should be grammatically correct, free of abbreviations and typos, and checked for perfection.

Retirement Letter Samples - 9+ Formats & Retirement Letter Writing Guide