Human greatness and cruelty in the lives of john kennedy and adolf hitler

Pierce "What will count in the long run in determining Adolf Hitler's stature is not whether he lost or won the war but whether it was he or his adversaries who were on the side of the Life Force, whether it was he or they who served the cause of Truth and human progress.

Human greatness and cruelty in the lives of john kennedy and adolf hitler

The biography authored by R. Stolfi on Adolf Hitler mentions that Caesar perpetrated a genocide of whites in Gaul, something that I discussed in my previous post.

Human greatness and cruelty in the lives of john kennedy and adolf hitler

Russell Stolfi — Adolf Hitler was clearly the man of the 20th century, whose shadow grows taller as the sun of the West sinks ever lower. Sadly, though, there is no biography worthy of Hitler.

If great men are those who leave their stamp on history, then Hitler was a great man. But great men present great problems for biographers. Great men are not necessarily good men, and even good men, when they hold political power, often find it necessary to kill innocent people.

Evil men do not find this difficult, but good men do. Thus a good man, if he is to be a great man, must also be a hard man.

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But it is difficult for biographers, who are ordinary men, to sympathize with great men, especially men who are unusually bad or hard.

But biographers must at least try to enter imaginatively into the minds of their subjects. They must feel their feelings and think their thoughts. They must feel sympathy or empathy for their subjects. Such sympathy is not a violation of objectivity but a tool of it. It is a necessary counter-weight to the antipathy and ressentiment that hardness, cruelty, and greatness often inspire.

Sympathy is necessary so a biographer can discover and articulate the virtues of intellect and character necessary to achieve anything great in this world, for good or ill. A Nietzschean or Social Darwinist would, for instance, find it easier to sympathize with a human beast of prey than would a Christian or a liberal democrat.

Even so, it has been possible for Christians and liberals to write biographies of such great conquerors as Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Mohammed, Genghis Khan, and Napoleon without whipping themselves into thousand-page paroxysms of self-righteous moralistic denigration.

Human greatness and cruelty in the lives of john kennedy and adolf hitler

Hitler, of course, provides even greater problems for biographers, because his demonization is a prop of contemporary Jewish hegemony, and there are consequences for any writer who challenges that consensus.

Beyond Evil and Tyranny is one of my favorite books on Hitler. It is not a biography of Hitler, although it is organized chronologically. John Toland Adolf Hitler: Four examples of this bias will suffice: Jesse Owens, for instance. He was also seriously wounded twice. Hitler never spoke much about what he did to earn these commendations, partly out of his characteristic modesty and reserve, but also probably because he did not wish to relive painful experiences.

Stolfi notes that with no other historical figure do biographers feel entitled to take such liberties. Stolfi is acerbic, witty, and tireless in skewering the great biographers—although some of his readers might find it tiresome as well.

In addition to offering fascinating interpretations of particular events, Stolfi argues for three overriding theses about Hitler: Born inStolfi is to all appearances an established, mainstream military historian. He is the author of three other books: German Panzers on the Offensive: I first read Hitler: Beyond Evil and Tyranny in May ofand I was so excited that I tried to contact Stolfi for an interview only to learn that he had just died in April.

Adolf Hitler was a formidable political organizer who took over a minuscule Bavarian debating club and turned it into the largest political party in Germany. After being imprisoned for an abortive Putsch, Hitler decided to attain power legally, through electoral politics.

To that end, he virtually created the modern political campaign, traveling tirelessly by automobile and airplane and masterfully employing the mass media of his time.


When he became Chancellor, Hitler proved a formidable statesman, transforming Germany with a virtually bloodless revolution and recovering German lands and pride through a series of deft foreign policy triumphs until the British and French started a World War to stop him.

Politicians presuppose a common political system and climate of opinion. They generally avoid contesting fundamental principles and instead deal with essentially quantitative differences within the same political and ideological continuum, hence their ability to compromise and their susceptibility to corruption.

Stolfi points out again and again that Hitler refused to behave like a politician.

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Hitler never compromised on basic principles. He took dangerously unpopular stands p. He was no demagogue: Instead, Hitler was supremely confident of his ability to lend credit to his ideas through reason and rhetoric.Enjoy the best Adolf Hitler Quotes at BrainyQuote.

Quotations by Adolf Hitler, German Leader, Born April 20, Share with your friends. “Hitler’s life is the stuff of which legends are made.” John F. Kennedy, Diary, Hitler had many faces and to reduce him to a caricature of evil is a sin against history.

“Love” is too strong a word. Hitler had admirable qualities that were r. The book, John F Kennedy among the Germans, suggests that in the late s Kennedy, who was a student in his twenties, accepted Nazi race theories and approved of fascist rule.

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Investigating the story of Adolf Hitler is similar to exploring a fractal, as the further one travels into it, the more complex it becomes. -- John F. Kennedy "Prelude To Leadership - The European Diary of John F. Kennedy - Summer, ". As a “prophet of Aryan greatness" Hitler compared himself to a doctor whose job was to eliminate.

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