London 1802 vs douglass essay

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London 1802 vs douglass essay

However, it becomes evident the action was well premeditated as Macbeth went through three different stages of reasoning considering the pros and cons of his decision. In his first stage of reflection, he protagonist carefully goes through an analysis of the consequences of committing homicide; however, doing so in a self-centered way as he only meditates on its possible detrimental results in his own personal life.

By his statement, Macbeth is implying a series of key ideas. The last realization leads him to begin doubting and hesitating on the idea, but is quickly removed from any doubt by Lady Macbeth who uses his pride against himself for her own ambition.

The process of persuasion begins when his own pride is attacked.

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Macbeth takes the hard blow, but as Shakespeare demonstrates it, the consequences still overweight his hurt pride, for which his spouse moves on to her next strategy, convincing him she is more manly than him. This is done by a simple statement proving herself more cruel and daring than her husband: Ultimately, her domineering role over her husband is what prevails.

But being a woman acting while blinded by her own ambition, soon enough she can no longer handle the consequences of the crime committed and ends her life tragically. Preceding this incident, however, her insistence fulfills its purpose and Macbeth gets past his first obstacle, reflection on his actions.

The second stage is based on the moral and ethical issues regarding the treason of the trust King Duncan lay on Macbeth because of two positions he currently holds under the kind, first as kinsman and then as his subject Keller, As a kinsman, he had the sole responsibility of watching for and protecting the royalty, the king.

The action he is thinking about carrying out goes exactly against that role, and therefore, against everything Macbeth has stood for in his life.

Today it is very possible, because of the present social implications, to miss the true significance of kinship. Macbeth well knew and understood the implications of breaking that trust. Secondly, he was a subject of the King. In this position, he has the responsibility of aiding the king instead of biting the hand that feeds him, a relationship based on loyalty.

However, in a time of hesitation, again his wife comes to the picture. Lady Macbeth sees this moment of weakness and leads him in the direction that will profit her the most, the crown.

London 1802 vs douglass essay

When he begins to have his thoughts stirred, she goes even further and accuses him of breaking her own trust on him, turning his own doubt and guilt against himself.

In the balance, his loyalty for his king is outweighed by his loyalty to the spouse he swore eternal promises to at the time of marriage.

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After thinking so much about his own rights as a human, he begins to analyze those of others, including King Duncan. His conscience begins, at this point, to trouble him for even considering such an evil act as a result of which he again hesitates on carrying out.

However, he quickly switches perspective. Again, but now indirectly, the manipulations of Lady Macbeth on her husband take root and now he has no need of help to blind himself to the reality of the situation.

London 1802 vs douglass essay

This last overcome obstacle is determinant evidence that Macbeth did not foolishly or unknowingly committed the crime, he was fully aware of his actions.

As this last stage in his reasoning as to why he should not commit the murder is finally cleared, there is nothing stopping the protagonist and the deed is quickly accomplished; however, the consequences prove to be just as detrimental as Macbeth predicted them to be, resulting in the suicide of Lady Macbeth and his own assassination by Macduff.

Macbeth could have easily been a victim of fate, manipulation by his wife, and even a victim of falling prisoner to a lie, the prophecy of his ruling of Scotland.

However, even though he did go through a chain of reasons as to why he should not commit the murder, the contrasting reasons were the ones that prevailed, as it is clearly shown in his monologue at the beginning of Act 1 Scene 7.

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5 stars based on 93 reviews. "London " vs "Douglass" Essay Monique Morua Mrs. Allen AP English Lit and Comp, 2 26 October “ London ” vs. “Douglass” FRQ Throughout the centuries, there have been an infinite amount of literary works written by a sea of authors that write a variety of genres.

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