National parks of ethiopia

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National parks of ethiopia

Sean Avery National parks of ethiopia Jul Its ecology supports a host of local and migratory bird and wildlife populations. InSibiloi National Park was created on the north-eastern lakeshore to conserve these remarkable discoveries that have contributed so much to our understanding of human evolution.

Sites are selected for their outstanding cultural value, or outstanding natural value, or a combination of both assets. Once inscribed, the sites are protected according to local legislation and international treaties.

It would seem that this status would offer the lake good protection against major threats.

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Keeping heritage sites safe countries worldwide are party to the World Heritage Convention that came into force in The aim is to protect globally outstanding cultural and natural sites, and conserve them for future generations. Both Kenya and Ethiopia are state parties to this Convention.

Under the convention guidelines, state parties are obliged to submit reports every six years on each of their World Heritage sites.

If this listing is decided upon, and if the danger can be remedied, the state party can ask for help from the World Heritage Fund.

But, if the site is irretrievably damaged, the Committee can decide to delete the site from the list altogether. The committee requested that Ethiopia suspend construction works on the Gibe III dam and submit assessments on the dam and irrigation development plans. Ethiopia and Kenya were each requested to share their views, and in its report to the committee Kenya shared the same concerns.

As a result a reactive monitoring mission was invited to Kenya. Over the years — despite annual exchanges between the World Heritage Committee, Kenya and Ethiopia — Ethiopia has not acted on the various requests issued by the Committee, continuing with development projects without conducting a strategic environmental assessment.

Kenya too has been lax. That mission would aim to develop a set of corrective measures in consultation with both Kenya and Ethiopia.

The impact of the intervention might not amount to much. Warnings about the effects of Omo river developments were sounded decades ago, and yet Gibe III is operational, and Gibe IV dam and irrigation scheme developments are progressing.

National parks of ethiopia

Protests have seemingly been futile. The lake inflow hydrology has already changed. That means that nutrient inflows and their distribution through the lake have also been affected. Nevertheless, the commendable efforts of bodies like the World Heritage Committee need to be sustained.


The management of the Lake Turkana National Parks can certainly be improved. The county governments should be involved, and the World Heritage Fund can potentially assist. The entire lake will benefit as a result. And there is still time for Ethiopia to review its ambitious thirsty irrigation development plans in the lower Omo, admit the impacts, and reconsider the worth of sacrificing unique natural capital, and perhaps restore meaningful ecological floods into the lake too.

Read the original article. Read more from Sean Avery.Ethiopia’s scenic National Parks offer wonderful trekking for the adventurous.

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Ethiopia’s superb network of national parks incorporates a wide variety of habitats, from the high-altitude forests and moors of Bale and Simien Mountains, to the semi-arid country of Awash and marshy savannah of Gambella. Ethiopian National Parks AWASH NATIONAL PARK Awash National Park takes its name from the Awash River which marks the park’s southern boundary is located km east of Addis Ababa, cover an area of square kilometers ( square miles) the Park stretches 30km east to west and a little less from north to south.

Lake Turkana is the world’s largest desert lake. Located in Kenya’s remote northern arid lands, it is the most saline of Africa’s great lakes, and its vast aquatic resources contribute to.

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Awash National Park Awash National Park is l ocated km east of Addis Ababa, the Park stretches 30km east to west and a little less from north to terrain is .

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