Rock shox reverb usermanual bleedprocedure

The first and most expensive mistake that most Reverb owners make is clamping the hose, hose fitting and upper slider part of the Reverb in the bike stand.

Rock shox reverb usermanual bleedprocedure

By Julian Thrasher, ATG Training There can be a number of reasons why a Rockshox Reverb dropper post or fork lockout can stop working, but the most basic reason is air in the remote and hose. There are a few different types of the Rockshox hydraulic remote lever, the ones with gold adjusters are the XLoc type used on the fork and rear shock lockouts and the black or silver adjuster types are the speed adjusters used on the Reverb dropper post.

You will need to remove a Reverb Stealth dropper to access the bleed screw. If you can, lower the workstand to hold the post. If the Reverb is an external type, then move the clamp to position the remote higher than the bleed screw. XLoc remotes will naturally be higher than the lever bleed screw.

Use a T25 Torx key to position the remote so that the bleed screw is slightly higher above the lever. Reverb remotes should naturally rest in this position.

The instructions will tell you to turn the adjuster so that it is wound fully out giving maximum volume to the remote in the direction of the arrow for the XLoc — in the opposite direction of the arrow for the Reverb we have found some good results by winding the adjuster all the way in the reverse to what the instructions say If by following the instructions you find the post only to extend in the fully fast position and be locked solid in the full slow position, then repeat the procedure with the adjuster in full fast Reverb.

Cycle the oil between the two syringes. This will purge the air from the system. You will find pressing gently on one syringe whilst pulling gently on the other syringe achieves the best results.

Continue until no more air bubbles emerge from the system. If the oil is severly discoloured you will need to remove the syringes, dispose of the old fluid and refill and repeat the process until the oil runs clear and free of air in both syringes.

Remove the crown or post syringe and thread in the bleed screw.

Rock shox reverb usermanual bleedprocedure

Press down on the remote syringe to ensure the lever is fully extended and then push the lever whilst gently pulling on the syringe. This should dislodge any remaining air bubbles in the remote. Give the remote syringe a final press and let the plunger pop back up on its own. Unthread the syringe and replace the bleed screw.

If the system has been correctly bled then the remote lever should be solid to the press and not extend when pulled. If the lever does then there may well be air still in the system.

Push on the syringe and feel the remote lever become solid. Unthread the syringe and ensure there is a pool of oil in the bleed port. Thread in the bleed screw.

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Function test the system to ensure successful operation. Wipe off any remaining oil from the remote and post and return the remote and post to the riders desired position. Hopefully by following this procedure your next hydraulic remote lever bleed should go a lot more smoothly.The RockShox Reverb remains one of the most popular dropper posts out there, partly down to the fact that it is both reliable and easy to work on.

Bleeding the system of your RockShox Reverb. fork rockshox service manual Reverb XC28 XC30 XC32 Tora Trail Recon Silver Recon Gold Sektor Reba SID Revelation Domain Suspensionforkparts - rock shox manuals Download a Rock Shox owners manual for free and use it to help guide you installing our Elastomer Refresh KitTM.

Rock Shox Manuals: ProFlex Manuals: Rockshox service manual. To clamp a Reverb equipped bicycle into a bike stand, loosen the seatpost binder bolt/quick release at the frame. Raise the seatpost to the Minimum Insertion line then tighten the seatpost binder bolt/quick release to the frame manufacturer’s recommendation.

fork rockshox service manual - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. fork rockshox service manual shock pump (air forks), tuning springs (Domain, Domain Dual Crown, Lyrik, Totem, BoXXer), star nut, cable tie, user manual, and bleed kit (Totem, XLoc forks only). Clamp Nut and Bolt RockShox. When performing a Reverb System Bleed, only use RockShox Reverb Hydraulic F luid and Bleed Kit. D o not use DOT ßuid. H O S E R EPLACEMENT English Reverb User Manual 2 Rev A IMPORTANT To ensure that your seatpost performs properly and to help make your riding experience more. favorite this post Rock Shox Reverb Stealth 1X Dropper Post - $ (Victoria) hide this posting unhide condition: new make / manufacturer: Sram Rock Shox model name / number: Reverb Stealth Drop post size / dimensions: MM MM. QR Code Link to This Post. Brand new dropper post, never been installed.

Reverb Stealth Height Adjust Seatpost User Manual. When performing a Reverb System Bleed, only use RockShox Reverb Hydraulic F luid and Bleed Kit. D o not use DOT ßuid. empty, RockShox Reverb bleed syringe by pushing the syringe plunger all the way in, then thread the empty syringe into the seatpost bleed port.

6. Purge the system . results for rock shox reverb Save rock shox reverb to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Unfollow rock shox reverb to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. When performing a Reverb System Bleed, only use RockShox Reverb Hydraulic fluid and Bleed Kit.

do not use dot fluid. HoSe Replacement When replacing the hose, you will need to determine the final length of the hose prior to installing it. Determine where you need to cut the new hose by routing it from the remote.

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