The concrete dangers of abstra essay

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The concrete dangers of abstra essay

How to Write a Concrete Detail Essay Jordan Weagly Concrete details describe things that can be detected with the senses, while abstract details describe ideas that cannot be seen, smelled, heard, tasted or felt.

Your essay built around concrete details should tie together particular details through commentary and, like most essays, should contain an introduction, body and conclusion. Discussion According to San Francisco State University, commentary or discussion about concrete details can make connections between details more obvious.

For example, when writing about college-level education, you could describe concrete details about a classroom that relate to teaching methods: Introduction Concrete details are useful for introducing a subject.

The Concrete Dangers Of Abstract Illusions In | Essay Writing

For example, if you have to write about a type of animal, describing details that characterize the animal is a logical starting point. If the essay's purpose is simply to describe a location or event, an introduction might start with broad but still concrete details.

For example, in an essay describing a wedding, you might choose to include details about the weather, landscape or reception hall to set the scene in the introduction.

Added discussion about those details can then tie them together:The dangers of mob mentality:The Lottery The village lottery ends with a violent murder each year, a bizarre scenario that suggests how dangerous mob mentality can be when people refuse to take an actual look at what is taking place in front of them and speak up against it.

Abstract concepts without development are unclear, but a list of concrete examples appear disorganized. Abstract Language.

The concrete dangers of abstra essay

Abstract language includes words that express thoughts and ideas, such as bravery, freedom, love, and compassion. Thoughts and ideas are intangible, but they are essential to any type of connected essay.

The above example comes from a five-page literature essay, which is why the whole abstract takes no more than words. Still, it does describe the issues raised in the paper and highlights the results the author comes to in the course of the literary analysis.

Your writing (whether it's in an essay, a letter, a memorandum, a report, an advertisement, or a resume) will be clearer, more interesting, and better remembered if it is dominated by concrete and specific terms, and if it keeps abstract .

The concrete dangers of abstra essay

The concrete dangers of abstra. The Concrete Dangers of Abstract Illusion Man is in control of world, and consequently of his existence. The Dangers Of Diet Aids About a month ago, I stepped onto my bathroom scales. When I looked down at the numbers, my fears were confirmed: I had gained 5 pounds.

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